Message your supporters where they are

Grow and engage your base over their preferred channels on a single platform made affordable and easy to use for all campaigns and causes that put people first
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Trusted by campaigns and causes of all sizes across the country

Activate your base across channels from a single platform

Capture, track, and engage supporters on their preferred channels for fundraising, calls to action, blast updates, event turnout, and more.

  • Over SMS
  • Through Social Media
  • On your Website

Grow your base through text-ins and then drive supporters to action with both broadcast and peer to peer messaging

Send direct messages to your social media followers at scale and turn your clicktivists into real activists

Convert your web traffic by messaging interested supporters at the optimal moments when they’re most engaged

Activate your growing supporter base from one inbox

Whether supporters text-in, chat on your website, or message you on social media, you can manage those conversations and future calls to action at scale from Strive.

The multi-channel messaging tool loved by organizations and their supporters

Seamless membership growth efforts

Capture new supporters across all your channels and touchpoints, including text-ins at live events, Facebook, Twitter, and more

Easy and effective message targeting

Broadcast personalized calls to action or hold one-on-one conversations with your supporters on whichever channel they prefer

Clear and insightful message reports

Analyze your message results with link and call tracking to identify your best practices and your most engaged supporters

Powerful integrations with your CRM

Control your data on Strive and sync your contacts and tags with NationBuilder, Action Network, EveryAction and other CRMs

Our Mission

Change starts from the bottom up

Strive is the digital tool box for campaigns and causes that put people first. We develop products for grassroots campaigns of all sizes growing their bases. We believe technology should be an opportunity, not an obstacle or a barrier, which is why we’re dedicated to empowering people-powered social movements with the necessary tools to gain traction and succeed.

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