Make it easier for your base to connect with their legislators

Strive Call is the affordable, easy-to-use call-tracking tool for people powered movements
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Activate your supporters to call their legislators

The easiest way for your supporters to call legislators. Call connects your base with representatives and allows you to track their commitments and calls in real-time. Activate your supporters at scale via text, email, or social media, and empower them to voice their concerns with key decision makers.

How it works

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Set up an account for your organization — it only takes a few minutes!

Create a Campaign

Give your campaign a title, plug in the details, and generate a unique tracking number.

Activate Supporters

Urge your supporters to call in and reach key decision makers by sharing your tracking number.

Track Calls

Watch as your Call dashboard updates in real time, and pull reports to share with your team.

Features you'll love

Call tracking

Track how many supporters commit to call their legislators and how many follow through

Data Control

Control your data and access reports at anytime for easy integrations with other systems.

Dynamic Campaigns

Adjust your target decision-maker or legislator at anytime as your campaign progresses


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Per month, per campaign

  • $0.03 per minute

No overage penalties

Pay as you go, without ever worrying about extra fees

No early termination fees

Cancel any time at no extra cost

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