Engage with supporters on your website, personally and effectively

Strive Chat is the new way to activate and connect with supporters on your website.
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Trusted by campaigns and causes of all sizes across the country

Your website’s live-chat tool, putting conversations over forms

Integrating Chat into your website gives you an opportunity to talk directly to your supporters when they’re the most engaged, allowing you to effectively grow your audience through personal and meaningful interactions. Live-chat your visitors, ask them to sign petitions, schedule one-on-ones, arrange quick follow-ups, and more.

How it works

Sign Up

Set up an account for your organization and upload a profile picture — it only takes a few minutes!

Embed Chat

Add the Strive Chat widget to your website, or reach out to our team for help.

Live Chat

Respond to your site visitors in real-time, or prepare auto-responses for any messages you can’t get to right away.

Activate Supporters

Engage directly with your supporters and collect their contact information to stay in touch.

Features You’ll Love

List Building

Collect contact information more organically than through a traditional sign-up form.

Real-Time Messaging

Make direct, personal connections with supporters when they’re already the most engaged.


Create away messages for when you can’t immediately respond to questions.

Own Your Data

Access reports at any time and easily integrate your data with other systems.


Build distinct groups from your contacts for targeted follow-ups over text or email.

Message Alerts

Receive instant alerts for incoming messages when you’re away from your computer.


One Simple Plan


Per month

Cancel any time

No hidden costs

We priced Chat to be simple and transparent

No early termination fees

Cancel any time at no extra cost

What People Say


How does Chat help my website?

Chat brings a new, personal, and conversational touch to your website that drives results far beyond what static forms are capable of. Instead of hoping your site visitors take the time to fill out sign-up forms or choose to sign your petition, Chat connects you with people directly, and allows you to talk them through what your campaign or cause needs most.

What types of organizations use Chat?

As a product of Strive Digital, Chat is used by campaigns and causes of all sizes that put people first. We’re committed to building affordable, intuitive, and tactical tools designed to accelerate the growth and success of progressive movements by seamlessly complementing their existing efforts.

Do I need to install anything to use Chat?

No. Chat is a web application, accessible from your mobile or desktop browser. All you need to do is drop a single script into your site’s code. After that’s taken care of, log into your Chat account online and you’ll be ready to start chatting with your site visitors.

Are there any contracts or commitments with Chat?

No. There are no contracts or commitments of any kind. You simply pay month to month, with the flexibility of cancelling your subscription at anytime. If your campaign or non-profit is looking for a low-cost way to engage with your website’s visitors and drive them to action, Chat is a great choice.

What if I’m not around when I get a message on Chat?

That’s no problem at all! Chat will let your supporters know you’ll respond as soon as possible, requesting their information so you can reach out later. However, Chat also features incoming message notifications to grab your attention — when possible, responding in real-time will always lead to more conversations and higher engagement.

How quickly can I get started?

You can add Chat to your website in minutes. Chat was developed to be as easy-to-use as possible, with best practices, tips, and support baked right in. You don’t need any training to use it — simply create your account, drop the script into your site, and get talking. You can also request quick help from Strive Digital to help you embed the Chat widget onto your website code.


Chat is still in the works, but sign up now to get on the waiting list.